Things I Love

(Besides fiction, my first, deepest, and most abiding passion…which has finally borne fruit in the form of my debut novel, The Light on Farallon Island, out now.)

In my private life — safe space that it is — I’m afraid I am an inveterate complainer and tend toward pessimism (though I usually maintain it’s simply realism). One might think I like to complain (sometimes I think so too), but there’s also a lot in the world that I adore, and I try not to lose sight of that. Naturally, a disproportionate amount of my enchantments have to do with food. These are some of my favorite things that make me want to spread the love.

To Scrapple, with Love: Memories of a Mid-Atlantic Mystery Meat

Until last month, I hadn’t eaten scrapple since I was nine or ten years old. But I’ve thought of it often throughout my life. It’s haunted me, I suppose. For a long time, I wanted to eat it again. Just not enough to pay $50 to order it online (stores don’t sell it in the…

Vanilla Maple Hazelnut Granola

Until recently, I was never really a granola person. I would eat it while camping or in bar form on busy mornings, but could always take it or leave it. This easy granola recipe, however, is now in permanent rotation.

Chili Alchemy

The best chili recipe benefits from several secret ingredients to balance the flavor, even if you’re taking shortcuts elsewhere.

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